“This is a celebration of time and its infinite manifestations. It marries the sun and the moon to feathers, rime and starfish.” - Paul Hawken

Celeste Cards

  • Celeste Notecard – WinterScene
  • Celeste Notecards

Celeste Notecard Set – $15.00

In this holiday card assortment, four of Chris Hardman’s artworks from the ECOlogical Calendar illustrate the winter season – here called Celeste. Each is accompanied by a poetic “ecologue” describing a few of the natural processes taking place during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Beautiful in themselves, the cards serve as reminders that the universe is not all about us, nor are we isolated from its infinite wonders; rather, we are intimate and integral participants in its evolution.

20 cards and envelopes
5 each of the 4 winter scenes
“Season’s Greetings” printed inside, Seasonal “ecologue” on reverse
Illustrated by Chris Hardman