“This is a celebration of time and its infinite manifestations. It marries the sun and the moon to feathers, rime and starfish.” - Paul Hawken

Creators of the ECOlogical Calendar

Chris Hardman

by Kenyon Anderson

Chris Hardman, Creator and Founder

In celebration of the millennium’s turn, artist and playwright Chris Hardman created the AllTime project in 2000, an investigation into the true scope of time. Hardman initiated the ECOlogical Calendar the following year after recognizing the limitations of the traditional Gregorian calendar. Chris Hardman founded Antenna Theater in 1980 to experiment with the essential dynamics of sound, sculpture, and live performance. He is best known for his experimental use of portable audio technology, and his work has been acclaimed by critics in the United States and many other countries. Antenna is located in San Rafael, Marin County, California. . Antenna Audio, also founded by Hardman and sold in 1998, produces audio-guided tours for museum exhibitions and historic sites worldwide.

Hardman’s ECOtime may be heard on Living on Earth, broadcast by Public Radio International, and on Green 960 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To find out more about Chris Hardman and Antenna Theater, visit antenna-theater.org.


Antenna Theater

Antenna Staff

Annette RoseAnnette Rose, Antenna Theater Managing Director

Annette Rose is the Managing Director of Antenna Theater.  She also serves as the President of the Sausalito Foundation, President of the Marin County Civic Center Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy and a member of the Marin County Cultural and Visitor Services Commission. Annette is a former Mayor of Sausalito and member of the Marin County Board of Supervisors. She also consults on waterfront and affordable housing projects.



Intern Program

The Antenna Internship offers experience in both the arts and the environment.  Interns have effective writing and clear communication skills, plus proficiency in standard computer software.  For more information about the Antenna Internship program, visit www.antenna-theater.org/Internship. We welcome applications throughout the year. Please contact Annette Rose for more information.


The Antenna Theater and the ECOlogical Calendar have many projects for volunteers. For more information, please contact Annette Rose for more information in how you can get involved in Sausalito or around the world.


Pomegranate Communications, Inc.


Pomegranate Communications, Inc. publishes the ECOlogical Calendar in all of its iterations and additional ECOlogical products including a jigsaw puzzle, The Natural Year Knowledge Cards, and seasonal notecard sets.