“This is a celebration of time and its infinite manifestations. It marries the sun and the moon to feathers, rime and starfish.” - Paul Hawken

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“This year’s most spectacular calendar. This replaces the traditional squares. This is a continuum of the seasons. There is more information here than in many a thick book. But it’s so friendly, you get it at a glance. This ECOlogical Calendar is fabulous for your home, your office, and especially for your kid’s classroom.”
Gene Shalit, NBC’s Today Show


“This is a celebration of time and its infinite manifestations. It marries the sun and the moon to feathers, rime and starfish.”
Paul Hawken, Founder and former Executive Director, Natural Capital Institute

“I look at my ECOlogical Calendar every day and at the moon every night. I’m still working on learning to identify the planets and stars in the sky, which is a lot of fun, and the calendar serves as a perfect reminder. The calendar is also very good for giving reminders of a number of phenomena you just wouldn’t otherwise think about at all… Most of us could probably keep track of some of those seasonal events on our own, but few could keep track of them all…”
Amy Scanlon, Time Passage Via the Natural World, Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools

“The ECOlogical Calendar is one of those unique forms of communication that ties time, nature and people together into one piece of information that allows anyone who sees it to recognize their own place in the picture.”
Phil Frank, cartoonist, author, historian

“This lovely, useful calendar is a cleverly disguised instruction manual for the grand celestial organism we’re all floating around in. The more you’re awed, the more careful and tender you are. I’m grateful for its existence.”
Peter Coyote, actor, writer

“Congratulations on your calendar. As more and more of us live in cities, in human created environments, it is easy to forget that we are still biological creatures subject to the forces of nature. We should celebrate our place in the cosmos, in the solar system, on this planet. I hope your work helps us do that.”
David Suzuki, environmental activist

“Your calendar is very beautiful. Congratulations on putting together such a beautiful and well integrated calendar. Calendars began as a way to track important natural events, typically seasons, and reconciling the natural cycles was probably the most important force behind the early development of astronomy.”
Celeste Burrows, Chabot Space and Science Center

“In the eyes of Chris Hardman, the creator of the ECOlogical Calendar, the old Gregorian year is passe. Chopped artificially into months and weeks, it says nothing of cyclic birth and death, the change in day length or the true age of the universe. So Hardman has designed an alternative calendar divided into four panels- one for each season- that show not only the days of the year but the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of tides, and the blossoming, thriving, and fading of life. In the summer panel three of the season’s brightest stars- Deneb, Altair, and Vega- form a triangle at the top; the moon reaches its apogee in early August; ripe cherries and birdberries burst forth, and a young salamandar breathes with gills underwater. Gone are the old names for the days. Instead, running along the panel bottoms are their poetic alternatives: ThistleCricket, PlumpCherry, RubyThicket, and 362 more.”
Discover Magazine

“Have you noticed that the calendar seems to be losing its personality? Week by week, box by box, it has devolved from an eloquent representation of the year into nothing but a productivity tool, one big numbered to-do list. ‘This modern calendar is a powerful image of life as perpetual drudgery, with each day a large number invariably leading to the next,’ says Chris Hardman, artistic director of Antenna, a Sausalito, California-based theater company. He’s determined to help us transform our mechanical conception of time by reinventing the calendar as both an object and idea.”
Utne Reader


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